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Created in 1984 PACCARD Museum welcomes a large number of schools on school visits every year. In order to help teachers preparing their outings and ensure that pupils get the most out of their visit, the Museum provides teachers with many educational materials. These tools were developed by Anne Paccard, who drew on her experience as a mother of five children, who were then at school from first year of nursery school to Year 7.

Educational files

It is very complete and it is given to the teacher for any booked visit : history, tuning, graphic workshops, manufactering, technical sheets… to prepare the visit in advance.

« Campanelle’s games »

A game specially designed for 6-12 years old (with a corrected version for the teacher), to be played in the Museum, like a treasure hunt.

Manufactering samples

These are captioned and allow the class to work on the different moulding and manufactering techniques. A wax sample is given to each child as a souvenir of their visit.

CD « Ars Sonora »

Accompanied by its listening booklet, it is an original and playful way to discover and introduce pupils to the musical aspect of the bell.

DVD « A legend of fire » Two documentaries about twenty minutes each trace the fabulous adventure of two world records. « Mastering the fire », manufactering of the biggest group of flying bells in the world. « The World Peace Bell », production of the biggest flying bell in the world (weight 33 tons) for the year 2000.

Find all these educational materials in a kit for teachers. Price 20€