Adults Group Tours

Whatever your organization is (travel agency, associations, team building,), original visits can be organized for your groups at the Paccard Museum, where you’ll discover one of the French industry flagship proudly representing Annecy and its lake shore all over the world.
You’ll be warmly welcome at the museum and be amazed by the quality of service offered. You can choose the type of visit you are willing to organize . We’ll do our utmost to meet your requirements so that your time here shall be an unforgettable one.

Museum and foundry are designed to be accessible to handicapped persons or persons with limited mobility.Hearing, sight, smell and touch sense are solicited and handicapped persons are usually pleased with the visits organized at the museum.

Simple Tour


It will give you an unique opportunity to learn everything about an handicraft which has been existing for more than 4000 years, and which is not so well known, being familiar at the same time.

Rate : 7 €
Duration : 1 hour
Period : Open all year
(Attention : no simple tour on Thursday)

Workshop Guided Tour


Paccard museum offers workshop guided tours to students, enabling them to learn about the various steps of bell making :

A fascinating journey in the bell founders world.

For security reasons, visits take place outside working hours at the Bell Foundry.

Rate : additional fee 3,50€
Duration : 1 hour and a half
Period : Friday afternoon from 2 pm to 5 pm
Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday afternoon from 2 am to 5 pm
Three first weeks of August : EVERYDAY

Museum Guided Tour


Make your journey back in time livelier by choosing a guided tour of the Museum.

Rate : additional fee 3,50€
Duration : 1 hour and a half
Période : booking required, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


Welcom Desk and Souvenir Shop

When entering the bell museum visitors can feel the thrilling and charming atmosphere of that place where bronze metal is celebrated. In the shop you will find a number of souvenirs for each and everryone:

  • House and door bells
  • Table bells, cattle and cow bells
  • PACCARD miniature bells
  • T-shirts, polo shirts, bags, purses
  • Books, CDs, DVDs
  • All kind of souvenirs linked to the campanology handicraft

NEW ! AU PACCARD GOURMAND, our café / Salon de thé welcomes you for a gourmet break…

Drivers and tour leaders shall be welcome and will be offered a coffee. We shall be pleased to give them any kind of information they might be willing to know (where to eat, local highlights etc.).


Two Video Rooms

You ‘ll be invited to watch three amazing and exciting documentary films during your visit :

• Du Savoir et du Feu (20 minutes) – French, English, German, Spanish and Italian
You’ll learn everything about the founding of the world’s biggest flying bells (1986)

• Une Cloche pour la Paix (26 minutes)
On the eve of the third millennium, an American billionaire chooses the PACCARD Bel Foundry to make the biggest bell in the World

• Les Filles de Bronze (28 minutes)
An abridged version of a documentary shot for the French television in 2017.
Discover the biggest bell achievement of the century.

Then you’ll get to understand how the Paccard family is empowered to turn metal into life since 1796…


Bell Casting Event

Every year more or less 300 bells are casted in the Paccard foundry, and delivered all over the world.

Every Thursday you are invited to watch this unusual and amazing show.(20 mns)Enter into the magical world of molten metal turning into life…

Booking requested.

Takes place on Thursday only.

Bell Casting Event only takes place  as part of the “Discovery Tour” : 15,50 €

The “Discovery Tour” includes a documentary showing, a guided tour of the Museum, a bell casting event and an Ars Sonora® Concert.


Ars Sonora® Concert
(Voice & bells)

Discover the Paccard bells in an unusual way.

You’ll discover their exceptional musicality thanks to Mrs Anne Paccard, singer.

You’ll be listening to French and international variety songs, movies soundtracks, sacred music performed by an amazing duo: Voice and Ars Sonora.

Let yourself be surprised.

Booking requested Tuesday and Friday; included in the Thursday visit.

Supplement : 4,50 €


Permanent Exhibition

Wandering around the permanent exhibition at the Paccard museum you’ll see a collection of tools, ancient bells, drawings, paintings and archival documents which have been gathered by the Paccard family since 1796.

Through this journey back in time you’ll learn everything about the adventure of this family business, step by step, year after year.

It is even more interesting if you choose a guided tour !


Ars Sonora® "Pygmalion"
(musical sulpture)

In the specific place dedicated to the artistic urban related concept Ars Sonora®, visitors can discover and enjoy the beautiful and exceptional musicality of the PACCARD bells, during musical shows organized all over the year with “Pygmalion”, a 20 bells Arssonora®.

ARS SONORA® is a combination of :

  • Advanced technology
  • Exquisite musicality
  • Fascinating sculptural concept

One might attend a live concert (information and booking : 04 50 52 47 11)

Concert Ars Sonora au Musée PACCARD

The Terrace - a convivial place

On our terrace you might enjoy an interesting view on the workshop courtyard where frames, bricks or any other material used to make the bell molds are stocked.

Among them is the oven which was ued to cast a “bourdon” named Etienne, a 19 tons bell.

On our terrace you might enjoy an interesting view on the workshop courtyard where frames, bricks or any other material used to make bells are stocked.

Among them is the oven which was ued to cast a “bourdon” named Etienne, a 19 tons bell.

Our terrace is also a convivial place with its lounge where buffets, breakfasts or specific events can be organized by companies or even on private basis.

Adults group rates


For groups, 1 free with every 20 members
* Booking required, for groups of 10 and more
The Discovery Tour includes : video film + guided tour of the museum + bell casting + Ars Sonora® concert

Self-tour of the PACCARD Bell Museum

adults : 7,00€

Guided Tour of the Museum or the Bell Foundry*

adults : 10,50€

Self-tour of the Museum + Ars Sonora® Concert*

adults : 11,50€

Museum + Bell Foundry Guided Tour

adults : 12,50€

Guided Tour + Ars Sonora® Concert

adults : 13,50€

Discovery Tour

adults : 15,50€

Prestige Tour

Visite Prestige

The Prestige Tour unveils the secrets of the PACCARD Bell Foundry. As from 25,00€ - all year - Reservation required.
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Excellence Tour

Visite Excellence

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience ! Quotation on estimate - all year - Reservation required.
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